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Llama/Merino (80/20)
Merino/Tussah Silk (70/30)


Eccoscour (WA-305) is especially effective for the removal of spinning and loom oils, waxes and trimer from wool, polyester, nylon and cotton. Use one cup per washer load.


Nylon Flash (Multi-color Blends)
Nylon Flash (Undyed (white))
Nylon Flash Top (Various Dyed Colors)
Nylon Top (Undyed for Blending) (White)
Rayon (Various Colors) (4oz amounts)


Bombyx Silk (Natural)
Silk Noil (Various Dyed Colors)
Tussah Silk Top (Natural)
Tussah Silk Top (Various Dyed Colors)
Fine Domestic Wool Top (8oz amounts) (Natural Ecru)
Multi-color Colonial Wool Top (8oz amounts) (Blue, Blue Green, Brick, Burgundy, Dark Green, Green, Navy, Purple, Red)


Solid Colonial Wool Top (8oz amounts) (Apple, Black, Blue, Bluebell, Deep Sea, Emerald, Gold, Green, Koala, Maroon, Navy, Red, Saddle Brown, Sienna, Slate, Tartan, Turquoise, White, Yellow)


Merino Lambswool Top Superwash (8oz amounts) (Ecru)

Multi-color Merino Top (8oz amounts) (Amethyst, Baltic, Cranberry, Denim, Endicott, English Garden, Forest, Garnet, Laurel, Midnight, Mohave, Pinedale, Rose Quartz, Sage, Sandalwood, Sapphire, Sunset, Twilight)
Solid color Merino Top (8oz amounts) (Black, Blue, Camel, Dusty Green, Garden Ivy, Gold, Horizon, Ice Blue, Khaki, Lavender, Mallard, Maroon, Midnight Blue, Navy, Peach, Pewter, Pine, Pink, Plum, Pumpkin, Purple, Red Black, Rosewood, Salmon, Sky, Tartan Green, Teal, Turquoise Green)