The alpaca is a domesticated llama, Lama pacos, of the camel family.  The Incas in South America principally bred the alpaca for its wool.  Because its fleece is longer and more silky than that of other llama species, it was prized by the Incas, who wove its hair into robes reserved for royalty.  Today, alpaca is used to make soft, lustrous, pile-weave fabrics for coats.  The alpaca requires about one year, to produce a full growth of wool.(1)

As with all other fibers to get the best processing results Alpaca needs to first be thoroughly washed and cleaned of vegetation.

Alpaca Fiber Processing
Alpaca is available in Natural Colors.

Last Update: Sunday, April 27, 2003

Note: (1)  Information from 1998 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia