Welcome to Fantasy Fibers, LLC! Our site is a resource of fiber information to help you learn about your fiber and what it takes to process it from a dirty fleece to finished product - batts for felting, roving for hand spinning, or yarn for knitting, crocheting and weaving.

At our mill we specialize in processing finer fibers (i.e. alpaca, fine wool, qiviut, etc). We wash, dehair/deveg, pick/blend, card and spin your fleeces and return your fiber to you. No need for co-ops! Contact us to get on our priority waiting list for processing. You keep your fiber until we are ready to process it for you!


New Policy and New Pricing effective October 1, 2012. Please contact us before sending in your fiber to receive a processing reservation.  Our shop space is limited and needed to facilitate processing of Customer fiber not its storage.For more information

New Services

Now in addition to our existing fiber processing services, we can wash and clean your fiber. The new dehairing machine does a fabulous job of removing guard hairs and vegetation. Visit the dehairing page to see some comparisons.